Alibaba Leads List of Top Companies Diving into Blockchain


Naysayers like Warren Buffet appear to surface occasionally, hoping to thump the universe of cryptocurrency and blockchain down a peg and make the emerging technology seem like a fringe outcast and temporary fad that the mainstream wouldn’t go near.

JPMorgan Chase just applied for a patent that would use blockchain technology for cross-border payments, and they’re not alone. Patent applications offer a great way to get a sneak peek at which companies will ride the blockchain boom.

Those paying closer attention know that huge companies like Microsoft, Alphabet, Porsche and so many more are heavily invested in the blockchain future.

A report from IPRdaily broke down the top 100 companies with blockchain patents published in 2017 and found some interesting results. Forty-nine of the top companies are based in China, with 23 from the US.

Alibaba takes the number one spot, with 44 patents. Bank of America is next, with 33 new patents. Other noteworthy companies are Mastercard in the number six spot and Accenture, which clocks in at number 12.


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