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Cardano’s new innovations are lighting up!

Cardano has turned out to be one of the best recipients of the improvement in the cryptocurrency market. In April Cardano has grown by over 200%, Cardano had opened exchanging with an estimation of $0.16 toward the start of April and now it is exchanging

5 Things Can Take Bitcoin (BTC) Back To The Moon

After January 2018, 3 months which saw the price of Bitcoin fall to less than half its all-time high.The market leader is currently trading around $9K, but can Bitcoin ever reach and surpass its previous highs? Yes, it can. Better Security InfrastructureAs per Forbes, the

Japan’s SBI group to launch crypto exchange this summer

Japanese financial services provider SBI Group has announced plans to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform this summer, Business Insider Japan. SBI Group CEO Yoshitaka Kitao said during an earnings call last week: “When we do it, it will be number one in the blink of

Reddit Co-founder Predicts ETH to Reach $15,000 landmark in 2018

  Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is optimistic about Bitcoin’s future this year, but he also predicts that the price of Ethereum will reach $15,000 in 2018. Ethereum’s Price Will Be Increased by App Development Ohanian says that the fundamental reason he is so bullish with

Goldman Sachs To Offer Bitcoin (BTC) Futures

A Ethereum World News indicate “The global Investment banking giant, Goldman Sachs will start trading Bitcoin (BTC) futures”. The investment firm will use its own money to trade the futures on behalf of its clients. According to the New York Times, Goldman Sachs is gearing

VeChain [VEN]’s rebranded VET to release its Mainnet soon

VeChain is one of the leading public blockchain available in the market for various firms or enterprises. VeChainThor [VET] is the blockchain technology-based platform which focuses on supply chain management, financial services, and smart contracts. Sunny Lu, the CEO of VeChain recently tweeted about the release of

Giant Automakers form Global Blockchain Initiative

Some of the world’s biggest car manufactures, and some of the biggest tech powerhouses, have teamed up to launch the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI). Chris Ballinger, former Chief Financial Officer and Director of Mobility Services at Toyota Research Institute, is MOBI’s first Chairman and CEO.

Switzerland Positioning Itself Blockchain Capital of the World

The banking system of Switzerland is generally accepting of individuals or companies, but now the country is starting to investigate emerging financial markets.  Many startups in major Swiss cities are looking to be crypto-financial centers as the space grows. As indicated by PwC, one of