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startup-valuations Once Again Boasts Fast Speed, Cheap Transactions How it all Began The story of the controversial decision to change the description on the website began in December 2017. Bitcoin was experiencing a spike in usage which led to high transaction fees. Many users became disenfranchised with the transaction delays that accompanied

“Taxis Take BCH, Stores Sell BTC” in the Russian City of Rostov

Residents of Rostov, the Russian port city on the Don River, are enjoying a growing number of bitcoin-related services. Some crypto-savvy taxi drivers have started accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and several BTC teller machines have been installed in supermarkets. All that happens while officials in

sundar pichai google ceo

Everything about google’s new CEO and Alphabet inc

Sundar Pichai is the 43 year old Indian American is Google’s new CEO. Google or, in the words of John Micklethwaite and Adrian Wooldridge, Googlezilla, is a vast behemoth — a networked firm — a mutated successor to the likes of erstwhile General Motors —

Porn ban in india

Criticisms that made Indian government to lifts porn ban

Why Government turns adult sites back on following criticisms: Ravi Shankar Prasad, the information and technology minister says, – “A new notification will be issued shortly. The ban will be partially withdrawn. Sites that do not promote child porn will be unbanned.” – An order told