CoinMarketCap removes from Bitcoin Core’s profile page


The original cryptocurrency Bitcoin Core’s official website is while the forked version holds the site. Meanwhile, is a site for cryptocurrency news which has founders of directors sitting on the Bitcoin Cash side of the advocacy fence.

CoinMarketCap, one of the leading price-tracking websites for cryptocurrencies, has listings of each cryptocurrency’s official websites on the relevant profile and in the Bitcoin Core listing was – but is not anymore –

Although the company made no official announcement of the update, they removed as BTC’s secondary website allegedly following recent accusations that was deceiving investors into buying BCH rather than BTC.

According to Internet Archive, one can see that the secondary website listed for BTC was the online news site, but at the time of press, one can compare the change.

This is certainly not the first time issues have arisen between the two cryptocurrencies. The @Bitcoin twitter handle has sparked controversy upon controversy and that’s not the extent of it. Roger Ver, the founder of Bitcoin Cash, has been in multiple debates on the matter and is known for his hard, almost indignant, advocacy for the forked currency.


It is also known that the CEO also uses subtle means in order to promote his cryptocurrency by attempting to gain those interested in the original Bitcoin Core.


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