Iran to develop its own Cryptocurrency even after its own central government bans it!




The Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran [CBI] issues a statement banning Iran’s banks and other financial institutions from dealing with various cryptocurrencies in the country. But, the Islamic Republic of Iran is going ahead with the development of its state-sponsored cryptocurrency even after its own central government issues a ban on the use of cryptocurrency.

CBI issues the prohibition on digital currency in light of the fact that the administration’s illegal tax avoidance board of trustees has arrived at a conclusion that different cryptographic forms of money are being utilized as a methods for tax evasion, financing psychological oppression and it has been utilized for different criminal exercises in the state.

Information and Communications Technology Minister, Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi has said that the government’s local state-sponsored cryptocurrency project won’t be influenced by the bank’s controls. He has additionally said that the state-sponsored digital currency is in its exploratory model. It has turned out to be prepared for testing.

CBI plans to unify its open market exchange rates and it has also banned money being changed outside of its banks or financial institutions. The ban comes after Iran’s currency “Rial” has a hit an all-time low.

Iran is concocting this strong move after Budapest, Hungary presented “Korona” which keeps running on the Lightning Network and is being touted as more steady, more secure, and less expensive than different digital currencies. Petro [PTR] is propelled by Venezuela and supported by the world’s biggest oil save.

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